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Celebrating Limerick Playwrights

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Celebrating Limerick Playwrights

Saturday, October 27th, 2018, is a night when audiences can look forward to savouring highlights from plays by some of Limerick's most popular and successful, contemporary playwrights.

Favourite scenes will be performed from Mike Finn's Pigtown and Field of Dreams, Kevin Barry's Maybe The Night, Mary Coll's Excess Baggage, John Murphy's Smallone, Myles Breen’s Language Unbecoming a Lady and from The Underside by emerging playwright, Carrie Barrett.

Scenes will be performed by some of Limerick's finest actors including Carrie Barrett, Majella Conway, James Corr, Sheila Fitzpatrick, Rachel Griffin, Padraic Hastings, Michelle O'Flanagan, Gene Rooney and Monica Spencer.

The performance will be followed by a drinks reception where audience and artists can meet to discuss the work. Tickets €20 - proceeds to The GAFF running costs. Telephone 087 9930553 for further information or DONATE on the button to reserve tickets.

  1. Donate €20 for each ticket you wish to reserve. A confirmation email will be sent to you within 24 hours.

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